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Fighting Redness

What causes skin redness? How can we fight it and bring quick relief? Why do we get red skin? See our valuable tips here!

Why do we get red skin?

Redness typically appears on the cheeks, forehead and chin. But what causes it? Skin redness can be caused by external factors such as changing temperatures (in all seasons), spicy food, alcohol, hormonal fluctuation and chemicals in skin care products. Internal factors like our genes, which dictate whether we have pale skin and light eyes, and medications can also influence skin redness.

How can we reduce and soothe red skin?

Here’s Zorah’s soothing skin care routine that will help you combat redness, with great results!


Cleanse the face with the mild Kaïla cleansing gel or Ipsa cleansing milk. Apply the intensive Ino serum over the entire face, then apply Xia or Rêvolution day cream.


Remove makeup, cleanse the face and then apply Fermeté night oil to the entire face. Twice a week, give yourself a relaxing treat by applying a mask, either the Nyxe ultra-hydrating cream mask or the Rêvolution firming and densifying ultimate anti-aging mask.

Protect your skin from external factors.

Protect yourself from the sun with our tinted mineral sunscreen or our tinted BBB cream. Prevent your skin from reacting to temperature changes with the Yepa winter cream. Eat a healthy balanced diet and limit spicy food and alcohol.

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