Bioretinol Collection

Who is this for

Skin with deep pigmentation spots

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  • Targets and reduces pigment spots

  • Deeply hydrates

  • Plant-based alternative to retinol

Formulated with phyto-retinol, the Bioretinol product line targets and reduces deep pigmentation spots on the skin, leaving it more uniform, luminous, and revitalized the next day.

80% of participants saw their spots fade after just one application.

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This formula, enriched with the essential vitamins of argan and safflower oil, maintains skin's deep hydration throughout the night, for an even and luminous complexion when you wake up.

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Our ultra-powerful concentrate has one of the highest concentrations of phyto-retinol on the market, a plant-based alternative to synthetic retinol without the drawbacks.

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Why choose these products

Do you have pigmentation spots due to the sun or acne? Discover our Bioretinol product line, specially formulated to deeply moisturize your skin while targeting and diminishing deep pigmentation spots. Our powerful products combine the benefits of phyto-retinol, a plant native to India, and other natural active ingredients such as lychee, which work in depth to reduce the appearance of stubborn spots. By using our complex and night cream regularly, you can achieve a more even, luminous, and revitalized skin.


How often should I apply it?

Apply 2 pumps of the Bioretinol complex to your face and neck 5 evenings a week. Then use the Bioretinol night cream to optimize results.

Do these retinol products have any side effects?

That's not the case! Our Bioretinol product line is made from
a plant-based alternative to synthetic retinol with no side effects. Good for the skin and good for the planet!

Is this product vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, all of our products are animal cruelty free, Recyclable material, Vegan, GMO free, Gluten free, 100% natural, certified organic ingredients and 100% made in Montreal.