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Ultra-sensitive skin

Is your skin reactive to products? Does it get irritated easily? You’ve got ultra-sensitive skin that will need good habits!

Why is my skin itchy?

Ultra-sensitive skin reacts strongly to various elements like fluctuating temperature, sunlight, different foods, strong emotions and/or hormonal changes.
These days, a great number of people have sensitive skin, which can affect all types and colours of skin and people of all ages. Several factors lead to sensitive skin:
  • Genetics
  • Aggressive synthetic cosmetic products
  • Skin allergies or disorders

How can we help sensitive skin?

The key for sensitive skin is to treat your skin gently! The good news is that all Zorah products are designed for sensitive skin! Whether you have oily, combination, dry or normal skin, and regardless of your skin tone, our products will deeply and gently hydrate the skin.

Rêvolution, a preservative-free skin care line.

The Rêvolution line with pure silver is innovative because it doesn’t contain chemical preservatives and is perfectly suitable for ultra-sensitive skin. Silver has been used for thousands of years for its healing, purifying, soothing and anti-aging properties. With its anti-aging day cream and firming mask, Rêvolution combines gentleness with great performance to effectively counter the signs of aging.