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Renew your skin!

Why is my skin dull? How can I make it glow again?

Why does skin get dull-looking?

Dull, uneven-looking skin can be caused by several factors such as lack of sleep, stress and unbalanced nutrition, but most are linked to skin care.

When exposed to external irritants, the skin accumulates sweat, sebum and dust throughout the day, plus a layer of makeup, which can block the pores and prevent the skin from breathing properly.

Solutions for an instant glow!

The formula is simple: use two products that will cleanse the skin deeply, remove dead skin cells and get back your natural glow.

Xfoliambre contains amber micro-crystals that effectively and gently exfoliate sensitive skin, unblock pores and clean deeply. You’ll see a refined skin texture and glowing face right away!

On clean, exfoliated skin, apply the Nyxe mask, which contains Moroccan lava clay to soothe and regenerate the skin. Nyxe reduces redness and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Nourished and hydrated, your skin will appear softer, smoother and glowing!

Revive your skin’s natural glow with these two miraculous products!