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Counter the signs of aging

Various signs of aging emerge as the years pass. What are the most effective ways to counter them?

3 causes of skin aging.

There are three leading factors that cause and exacerbate skin aging:

  • Hormonal aging, which increases during menopause
  • Natural aging, which can be compounded by other factors such as stress or smoking
  • Overexposure to UV rays

Start a daytime anti-aging routine.

To instantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines and bring a glow to your skin in the morning, apply on clean skin: Lifting bioserum around the eyes and mouth, Ora cream around the eyes, C-nature anti-aging complex on the entire face and Sitala or Rêvolution hydrating anti-aging cream. Lastly, apply Eos on the neck and upper chest and sunscreen on the face and neck to protect the skin from UV rays.

Start a nighttime anti-aging routine.

To quickly reduce wrinkles, fade dark spots and plump and firm the skin, the skin requires treatment at night with active ingredients that penetrate deeply. On clean skin, apply Bioretinol anti-aging night complex or Fermeté night oil and then Sublime anti-aging night cream. In the morning, your skin will be smoother, firmer and glowing.