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Skin Regenerating Cream: How to Accelerate Cell Renewal?

Skin Regenerating Cream: How to Accelerate Cell Renewal?

Skin is the body’s largest organ and also the largest renewable organ. Its cells are in perpetual renewal for 21-day cycles. However, the skin’s natural aging and external factors slow down cell regeneration and they lose water, trace elements and fats, which is evidenced by a dull complexion and signs of aging. There are however regenerating creams and a specific beauty routine that help stimulate cell renewal.

Moisturizing and Regenerating Masks

Like the rest of our body, our face requires care using exfoliating, soothing, smoothing and moisturizing products. Its needs vary depending on the season and your type of skin, but it is good to give the skin an appropriate treatment at least once a week. As a mask applied to clean skin for several minutes, this weekly practice makes the skin smooth, soft and firm. When properly chosen, a mask acts as a genuine fountain of youth for your face.

Anti-Aging Nighttime Care

After applying a regenerating mask, even every evening after you’ve cleaned your face, using an anti-aging nighttime care activates cell renewal. Anti-aging products fight all signs of the skin’s aging like brown spots, loosening, and wrinkles, and act as a barrier to prevent these things from happening while accelerating cell renewal. For optimal results, choose an anti-aging cream rich in vitamins A, C or E, in omega-3, 6 and 9, and hyaluronic and orthosilicic acids, which are very powerful active ingredients.

Nighttime Correction Creams

The youngest skin also needs a nighttime care as a perfect compliment to a good night’s sleep in order to accelerate cell renewal. Before the first signs of aging appear, a nighttime correction cream helps make fibroblasts and keratinocytes function and cooperate properly to ensure the derma-epidermal junction. In short, the active ingredients contained in correction creams stimulate these cells and accelerate cell movement which moisturizes, repairs and balances the skin during the night. These products are particularly recommended for sensitive or acne-prone skin, as these conditions need to be regulated.

Nighttime Serums

Because some skin, often the oldest, has been damaged more by the sun’s rays and other external irritants, it requires an intense nighttime repair product. Serums help reorganize the dermis’ structure and stimulate production of elastin and collagen. A nighttime serum is applied before the nighttime cream. It is highly-concentrated in regenerating active ingredients, nourishes the skin during sleep and helps it to renew without the fear of exposure to external irritants during the daytime. The serum is less viscous than a cream and penetrates the skin quickly without leaving a greasy feeling.

Applying regenerative care helps accelerate skin cell renewal by stimulating the cells responsible for natural regeneration. They make it smoother, softer and firmer. We recommend applying these products at night to take full advantage of their benefits, as some active ingredients are sensitive to the sun’s rays. Nighttime is also the best time because cell renewal occurs more quickly during deep sleep.