Radiant Eyes, Sparkling Gaze with Ora and Luna!

Radiant Eyes, Sparkling Gaze with Ora and Luna!

Why Include Eye Care in Your Facial Routine?

The eyes are one of the most expressive parts of the face but also very delicate. Every day, the skin surrounding your eyes is exposed to more than 10,000 blinks. The first signs of fatigue and aging tend to appear there very quickly. Eye contour care is essential to brighten your face and make it more radiant.


Why Take Care of It?

Unfortunately, facial care does not offer the targeted benefits that a specifically targeted product could provide. That's why it's necessary to use products designed specifically for the area around your eyes. These products improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen production. Their advanced formula hydrates the skin around your eyes while reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Deep care products allow you to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and make your face more radiant. Components like argan or cocoa help seal moisture in the area around your eyes while promoting blood circulation in that area.


How to Apply These Products?

To ensure complete hydration of the area around your eyes, it is necessary to use a day cream and a night serum.

Day Cream

On clean, healthy skin, you can apply the day cream by gently tapping the area around your eyes and mouth with your fingertips. You can start from the inner corner and move outwards, repeating the motion. This cream will limit the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Night Serum

After cleansing your skin, apply the night eye contour serum to the area around your eyes every night before your anti-aging night cream. This care will help reduce wrinkles and the appearance of dark circles. These actions will help the product penetrate more effectively.

Benefits of Eye Care Products

To maximize the benefits of these products, it is necessary to use safe products that will not be harmful to your skin. The cocoa used in our day cream helps protect the skin and contributes to reducing signs of aging. Highly effective, it also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce dark circles and maintain the skin in perfect hydration. Red algae, used in our night serum, helps nourish and hydrate the area around your eyes while tackling signs of aging.

These properties make these components valuable ingredients for taking care of the area around your eyes.

At any time, you can contact cosmetic professionals who can help you better take care of your skin with suitable products.