Pure silver, a revolutionary ingredient within our Rêvolution collection, acts as a natural conservative agent while providing soothing and protective properties. This pure silver powder effectively calms redness caused by irritation or dryness, suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Clinical studies have revealed that after 30 days of use, more than 90% of participants experienced a significant improvement in dryness-related skin redness.


Explore the Scientific Benefits of Pure Silver Powder

Pure Silver Powder, stemming from our commitment to advanced research, is more than just a natural preservative. Let's delve into the scientific details of this potent element that gives our collection its exceptional character.

Composition of Pure Silver Powder

Pure silver has been recognized for centuries for its antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. The Pure Silver Powder we use is carefully formulated to ensure an optimal concentration of these beneficial properties. Silver particles are reduced to a microscopic size, allowing efficient absorption by the skin.

Antibacterial and Antifungal Action

In-depth scientific studies have demonstrated that Pure Silver Powder has an exceptional ability to absorb and destroy surface bacteria on the epidermis. This natural antibacterial and antifungal action provides essential protection against external aggressors, contributing to maintaining skin health and balance.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Pure Silver Powder acts as a potent anti-inflammatory, reducing redness caused by irritation or skin dryness. It effectively soothes irritated, damaged, and red skin, providing quick and visible relief. This anti-inflammatory capacity also helps alleviate signs of skin aging, giving the skin a younger and calmer appearance. 

Skin pH Balance

Pure silver plays a crucial role in balancing the skin's pH, essential for a healthy skin barrier function. By regulating pH, Pure Silver Powder promotes an environment conducive to cell regeneration, contributing to the overall health of the skin.

Support for Natural Skin Enhancement

Pure Silver Powder improves the natural appearance of the skin, strengthens the natural skin barrier, and supports its natural regeneration. This enhancement goes beyond soothing, contributing to the skin's overall health and vitality.

Who can benefit

Sensitive Skin

What sets apart our Pure Silver Powder, in addition to its scientifically proven properties, is its respect for the most sensitive skin. Thanks to its gentle nature and delicate formulation, the powder offers a soothing solution, suitable even for delicate and reactive skin.

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Did you know?


Beyond its skin benefits, Pure Silver Powder plays a key role as a natural conservative agent, extending the shelf life of our products in the Rêvolution collection without resorting to artificial preservatives. This environmentally friendly approach aligns with our commitment to healthy natural and sustainable products.

By incorporating Pure Silver Powder into our Rêvolution collection, we push the boundaries of scientific innovation in skincare. This ingredient, with exceptional antimicrobial properties, provides a holistic approach to nourishing, protecting, and regenerating the skin. Discover the scientific magic of Pure Silver Powder and embark on a revolution in your skincare routine.

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