At the heart of our Hydraserum, discover the revolutionary power of argan tree stem cells, a precious ingredient for skin regeneration. Let's delve into the scientific world of dermal stem cells and explore how this botanical elixir, derived from the resilient argan tree, provides profound protection and rejuvenation for your skin.


Origin and Composition of Argan Tree Stem Cells

Argan tree stem cells come from a specific variety known for its unique ability to survive in extreme environmental conditions. Extracted through advanced methods, these stem cells preserve their integrity and efficacy in our formulation.


Science at the Core of Argan Tree Stem Cells

Dermal Stem Cells: Architects of Skin Youth

The dermis, composed of collagen and elastin, gives the skin its elasticity and firmness. Dermal stem cells play a vital role in the regeneration and repair of this tissue. However, over time, these cells weaken, leading to a decrease in collagen and elastin production, resulting in a loss of firmness and the appearance of wrinkles. Protecting dermal stem cells becomes essential to maintaining youthful skin.

Swift Repair of Damaged Skin Cells

Scientific studies have revealed that argan tree stem cells play a crucial role in the rapid repair of damaged skin cells. Their ability to stimulate cellular regeneration helps alleviate visible signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.


Argan Tree: A Shield for Dermal Stem Cells

In vitro tests have demonstrated that the ingredient derived from argan tree stem cells has a beneficial effect on the activity of human dermal stem cells. Two key features, the expression of the Sox2 marker and the formation of 3D spherical colonies, were used to assess its positive impact.

This ingredient showed a significant increase in the expression of Sox2 and an improvement in the ability of dermal stem cells to form 3D spheres, indicating its ability to revitalize these cells and maintain their distinctive properties.


Firming the Dermis and Reducing Wrinkles: Concrete Results

Ultrasound images of the dermis before and after a 56-day treatment with the ingredient speak volumes. The reduction of the hypoechoic sub-epidermal band (SLEB) demonstrates a significant improvement in the density of the dermal tissue. Similarly, the tensile effect on the dermis-hypodermis junction, observed on the thighs, confirms the firming of the dermal tissue.

A clinical study with 21 volunteers proved the anti-wrinkle effect of the ingredient. A cream containing 0.4% of Argan tree stem cells applied around the eyes for 56 days led to an average reduction of 26% in the depth of crow's feet wrinkles.

Preserving the Vitality of Human Skin Stem Cells

One of the most remarkable properties of argan tree stem cells is their ability to preserve the vitality of human skin stem cells. By creating an environment conducive to the survival and health of skin cells, they actively contribute to maintaining the youth and vitality of the skin.

Increasing Firmness and Skin Density

In-depth research has shown that regular application of products containing argan tree stem cells significantly increases skin firmness and density. This stimulating action helps create a more resilient skin structure, reducing the appearance of aging signs.

Reducing Aging-Related Redness

Redness due to dryness, often associated with the aging process, is alleviated by the action of argan tree stem cells. These cells promote the regulation of skin microcirculation, thereby reducing redness and improving skin tone uniformity.

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This ingredient is scientifically proven to safeguard the vitality of human skin stem cells, enhancing skin firmness and density while diminishing aging-related redness. It's like a fortified shield for your skin's dermal stem cells, ensuring a rejuvenated and resilient complexion.

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Preserve Your Skin's Youth with the Argan Tree

The argan tree, a treasure from Morocco, offers more than just delicious nuts. With our Hydraserum, infused with the benefits of stem cells from this rare tree, you can provide your skin with deep protection and rejuvenation. Protect your dermal stem cells, maintain your skin's vitality, and discover the magical effect of the argan tree for beauty that withstands the test of time.

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