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Appearance of the First Wrinkles: What Are the Appropriate Treatments?

Appearance of the First Wrinkles: What Are the Appropriate Treatments?

Even though nobody can escape the natural aging of the skin, thanks to cosmetic treatments, it’s possible to slow down and mitigate the appearance of your first fine lines and wrinkles. Indeed, some treatments with miracle ingredients can help our cells regenerate for as long as possible and protect themselves against aggressors such as pollution, tobacco, fatigue, toxins, burnout, weather conditions, and stress.

Anti-aging or anti-wrinkle products?

As soon as the first wrinkles (young wrinkles) appear, which can happen starting at around age 20, it’s useful to start smoothing and moisturizing your face with the appropriate treatments. There’s no need to apply the same treatments as a woman with mature skin that has advanced and strongly pronounced wrinkles. To delay the appearance of your first wrinkles, it’s therefore best to use anti-aging products, which have a preventive effect, since they’re formulated with smoothing active ingredients. In addition, their texture is often more suitable for young skin. Anti-wrinkle products, on the other hand, have much richer compositions and are therefore often too greasy for young skin, which requires less nourishment than mature skin. Their effects on wrinkles are also generally not preventive. Anti-wrinkle products mostly yield very aesthetic results, since they fill in wrinkles to diminish their appearance, but don’t make them disappear, since they’re too deep.

Which treatments can delay the appearance of wrinkles?

  • Eye creams

The appearance of the first wrinkles on young faces is usually located where the skin is thinnest – that is to say, on the contours of the eyes. Applying eye creams locally each morning and evening therefore helps mitigate wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles, combat free radicals, and revitalize the eyes, thereby reducing bags under the eyes. Applied by tapping with your fingertips, they normally act very quickly to make you look fresh, rested, and radiant.

  • Masks

Because fine lines and wrinkles can also appear due to a lack of moisture in the skin, an anti-aging mask worn at least once a week helps improve the appearance of the skin on the whole face. Often very rich in vitamins and minerals, masks bring the full range of benefits to the skin while deeply removing all its impurities. After each treatment, the skin is immediately firmer, smoother, and softer.

  • Serums

In case of dehydration wrinkles located on several places on the face, applying a serum each morning helps reinflate the epidermis and thereby revitalize the facial features to make them look less tired and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. A serum with a good composition is an ideal daily treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead, the contour of the eyes, and the mouth.

  • Overnight treatments

If you have young skin but your wrinkles are more pronounced and ingrained than most people, the overnight treatment is certainly the one that will suit you the best. Applied each night before going to bed, overnight treatments act over several hours to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reshape the contours of the face like true fountains of youth.