The Perfect Alliance of Science, Health, and Planet - Zorah biocosmétiques

The Perfect Alliance of Science, Health, and Planet

Lauded by customers and peers alike, Zorah is an undisputed reference in the cosmetic industry, with numerous accolades to its name. Founded 20 years ago, Zorah Biocosmetics has set out to create high-quality beauty products while safeguarding the argan tree forest in Morocco.


Our Mission and Philosophy at a Glance

Our mission is to craft high-quality cosmetics that outshine synthetic products on the market, using only organic, eco-friendly, and fair-trade ingredients.


For Zorah Biocosmetics, sustainable development is not a trend or business strategy; it forms the very foundation of our activities, much like our mission to develop only the best cosmetics. Our innovative, laboratory-proven products elevate organic cosmetics to the highest industry standards.


Zorah is deeply environmentally conscious and believes that respecting one's body also means respecting and protecting the planet. The journey toward responsible and sustainable beauty is only just beginning.


Why are Ecocert Organic Ingredients Better for Health and the Environment?

  • Scientific Purity: Ecocert organic ingredients are cultivated without pesticides or harmful chemicals, preserving the purity of our products and the health of your skin.
  • Skin Nutrition: Organic components are rich in essential nutrients, providing natural nourishment to your skin, leaving it radiant and revitalized.
  • Avoiding Toxic Residues: Organic farming reduces the risk of toxic residues in products, preserving your long-term health.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Organic practices promote biodiversity, preserve ecosystems, and reduce carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Fair Trade: Fair trade-sourced ingredients ensure fair working conditions and support local communities.


Choosing Zorah Biocosmetics means opting for cutting-edge science in the service of beauty and health, all while preserving our precious planet. 💚🌿