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Does Organic Lip Gloss Really Dry Out Your Lips ?

Does Organic Lip Gloss Really Dry Out Your Lips ?

When our lips are dry, we instinctively apply lip gloss to ease the unpleasant feeling of dryness and irritation. However, some people claim that this gesture can make the situation worse instead of solving the problem. Where does this impression come from, and is it accurate? The question is very relevant, since this is a problem that affects many people, especially during the cold season. First, let’s note that there are several parts to this question. The ingredients, the product type, and how we use it are all factors to take into consideration to assess the truth of this claim, since it’s impossible to generalize by offering an answer that encompasses all categories of lip gloss.

The ingredients and the product type

The idea that lip glosses and balms could have a dehydrating effect stems – among other things – from the fact that there are low-end products that contain ingredients that can dry out and irritate the skin of the lips. These ingredients are used in the recipe because they’re affordable and they may lead to a repeated use of the product, since people constantly need to hydrate their lips.

The surface of the lips is much thinner than the skin that covers the other parts of the body, and there’s no hydrophilic film that protects them and maintains their hydration. As the lips are very sensitive, they may therefore react more strongly when they come into contact with certain ingredients, especially when there are allergies in play. Given that dry and chapped lips are a rather common phenomenon, people don’t realize that they suffer from these allergies and keep using the faulty product. The ingredients aren’t necessarily harmful but they aren’t suitable for everyone and can cause dermatitis. If, after using a lip balm, a reaction that hadn’t ever taken place before starts to occur, you should stop using it immediately.

Unlike low-end products, a high-quality lip gloss will be made up of products that promote hydration and contain few or no allergens. Argan oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter are practically safe bets for this purpose. They’re ultra-moisturizing and help create a protective layer on the lips that protects them when they’re exposed to elements that may promote dryness, such as cold, wind, and sun.

The rate of use of the product

Lip glosses are used to moisturize and beautify the lips. There’s no fixed limit with respect to their use, but the problems of dry lips often occur when people overuse the product and habitually lick their lips, only to apply it again. This situation occurs especially often when it comes to lower-quality products, because, as mentioned above, users feel the need to reapply them often. When a lip gloss is made from good ingredients, frequency of use is no longer a factor that can cause a dry lip problem.

In conclusion, it seems that, yes, certain lip glosses can make dry lip problems worse. However, if you choose a high-quality product, using this type of product will help hydrate your lips and correct the problem. Using lip gloss is therefore highly recommended in a daily beauty routine.